【spiro】raster ~Tornado earrings ピアスペア

we were awarded Rinkak 3D printing design competition.


Hand dyed Tornado. Raster Color.
after 3D printing, originally it is white. and then dyeing by hand one piece by one piece makes like that. craft meets technology.

Clip-on is available. please ask us from a contact form.

Spiro is a series of jewelry created using a single, end-less loop. Inspired by Spirograph - a 2D geometric drawing toy that produces intricate patterns formed by circular lines - the precise complex curve was actualized using a 3D printer. It is unique and eye-catching, yet it is light-weight and you would not even feel that you are wearing. The continuous endless loop symbolizes love and good fortune. This mesmerizing design is suitable for any age or style.

Handling instructions
※The material is flexible; however, continuous high pressure may result in deformation or damage.
※Exposure to water or humidity may cause discoloration.


本作品は、2015年 Rinkak「3Dプリントデザインコンテスト」において、審査員賞を頂きました!

トルネード グラデーション。手染めシリーズ。ラスターカラー。













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